What you should know about Invisalign

Invisalign is an innovative way of straightening teeth to achieve the best smile possible. If you are choosing between straightening the teeth using Invisalign in San Leandro or traditional way, ensure you are informed on various options. The following are some things to know about Invisalign.

How it works
You should note that Invisalign uses the advanced imaging technology to offer a comprehensive treatment plan from initial form of teeth to final desired position. You can find clear aligners, which are custom-made to suit your needs. They are used for a few weeks and replaced by next ones in the series. In this way, your teeth move to the next ideal position.

Benefits of Invisalign
These types of aligners are quite clear. In fact, some people may not realize that you are wearing dental braces. Unlike the braces, you can drink and eat all foods you want. Moreover, you can floss and brush in a normal way. The fact that it does not use wires or metal brackets, which can irritate the mouth, it means they are comfortable to wear. Also, you will spend minimal time in the dental clinic.

As you probably know, a dentist ought to be qualified to provide Invisalign treatment. Therefore, you do not just go to any dentist. Also, you need a dentist who has undergone adequate training and specializes in this dental field. When you are choosing the best dentist for the procedure, you should ask whether they accept your insurance cover.

Is the procedure painful?
Invisalign is meant to straighten teeth without causing pain that is associated with traditional methods which use wires. Usually, you may experience temporary pressure or discomfort during the start of the procedure. This is quite normal and okay. In fact, it implies that the procedure is working and the teeth are attaining their right position.

Usually, Invisalign is recommended for most adults and teens. However, if you have molars and baby teeth, then this dental procedure is not recommended for you. Your orthodontist and dentist can determine whether the treatment is appropriate for you or not.

The fact that you can remove aligners means you can eat and drink without any problem. However, you should avoid smoking and chew gum as they can discolor the aligners. The good thing about Invisalign is that you can correct this problem without the need of wearing awkward metal braces.