3 Suggestions for You to Reach Your Dream Career

Dream Job

If you have a dream career, you might have been preparing to reach the position. And preparation is the easiest step to take because doing it makes us seem to have done some works for our dream. But in reality, the moment of truth comes when we write our job application documents and do the interview.

In this occasion, we will learn the three crucial things that you might have easily overlooked.

Wearing your best suit

ProfessionalHave you checked your wardrobe? Have you thought of the suit that you are wearing for the interview? Thinking of four to five steps ahead is a winner’s mindset.

For the suit, you should have at least three different professional outfits. One is for the first interview; the other is for the second, and the last one is for your reserve. Opt for single-breasted suits with white shirts that match one another.

The basic rule you must be aware of is that your shirts should fit your size perfectly. Too much overlapping parts will make you look unprofessional. How can you manage your tasks and know what is good or not if you cannot even decide what looks good to wear?

Another thing is that white is the standard color for business purpose. Choose white shirts with high-quality fabrics. Cheap shirts do not handle sweats very well. You can end up wearing a shirt that gets soaked wet by your sweats, which can disturb your interviewer.

Manage your accessibility

AccessWe all have already got used to emails, phones, and file sharing; we tend to miss if one of our accounts has expired. Sometimes, a company will ask you to prepare documents in a fashion to which you have not been accustomed, such as through Gmail fax. You might be surprised to hear that, but the number reason why companies are still using fax machines is that they provide security better than electronic communication.

Check your emailing account and see if the setup is proper enough. Make sure your important account integrates with your mobile devices. If you are a gadget person who has a smartwatch, and activity tracker, you should set them up too. Missing a notification cannot be taken lightly, especially if you are in a reputable company.

For your phone, do not hesitate to buy a new one once it has an issue. Non-working apps, laggy interface, and muted notification can slow you down.

Volunteer documents

volunteerJob experience can get you to some places, but dedication to a cause larger than yourself is hard not to attract your interviewee. It can make a good resume, anyway.

So, if you have already had volunteer certificates, or proves in any legitimate document form, do not forget to include them. Also, write a little about your experience during the volunteer participation.…

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